Sunday, March 1, 2009


slumdog millionaire ~ a mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant in Who wants 2 b a millionaire? he's arrested under a suspicion of cheating, while being interrogated, events fr his life xplain why he knows the answer...sounds interesting, ,n it makes me cant wait to watch this movie...

ari jumaat lepas my sister called me n fetched me to watch that movie, but unfortunately the '8 oscars' movie was sold out until the end of the week or possibly for another week..

hehe...but for not taking me into regretful, i watched the 3 movies ... the freedom writers starring hilary swank... nih citer pasal cikgu yg menjadik hero kat student yg byk masalah idop..

the strangers starring liv tyler n scott speedman ..thriller movie n suspense... a couple staying in an isolated vacation home owned by boifren perempuan itew, suddenly they receive a knock on the door in the mid hours of the nite... n there were three strangers who wearing masks n they were killers...

n 1 more number 23 , jim carrey...paranoid case... he found a red book that was written by himself ..

sajer jerk abihkan masa konon2 tuk release my tension during weekend ...huhu..


  1. aku dgr rmai org ckp cite slumdog millionaire tu best x tau la cane.mung dh tgk ke 7 pounds?aku bru bli dvd ye kemarin...xde mase lai nk tgk...

  2. 7 pounds citer pe 2? saper berlakon??? katakan !!! aku nak tgk ..nant wat balik tau..borrow2//
    haa best la actor kecik tuh memang budak slum pon..real giteww

  3. alhamdulillah aku bli dvd 7 pounds tu, gmbr elok, transaltion pun ok.will smith b'lakon, citer ala2 pursuit of happiness gak.sbb director dia sama..

  4. hihi ..x sabau nak tgk..ri 2 pon g nak tgk movie tuh der gak tgk citer 2 terpampang kat story board.. best ker??